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Tips and tricks to keep you Facebook Account safe and secure

How to keep you facebook account safe?

Online security is just as important these days as physical security. The sheer sensitivity of data and information available about you online can result in catastrophic results. People share all kind of intimate and personal data with each other on social networking websites. This data includes everything ranging from personal feelings to intimate chat all the way to nudes. A poorly protected facebook account can lead to breech in your personal information and can turn your life upside down. No doubt, facebook works day and night to keep your account secure. But nonetheless, facebook hackers like us keep working to find new ways to hack into facebook accounts.

Over the course of years, we have mastered ways to hack facebook accounts. This also lead us to know about all the mistakes people make that make them vulnerable to getting hacked. So in this article, we will guide you step by step on how can you keep your facebook accoun secure and how can you make it as safe as possible.

In order to learn the ways you can protect yourself from hackers, you must learn various methods which hackers use to hack into the facebook account. Our aim here is not to teach you hacking but how you can protect yourself from these online intruders.

First of all, you have to learn to protect yourself from a phishing attack. Phishing attack is when a hacker sends you a page which is designed to look like facebook login page. But its not. Instead its a phony page which will send your username and password straight to the hacker instead of facebook. The hacker can then easily access your facebook account using your login creditentials. In order to idetnfiy a phishing page, first of all you need to absolutely abstain from clicking any foreign like sent to you through your email or facebook message or from anywhere. If you have clicked on any of the link which leads you to facebook login page but the link did not start with, immediately exit that link and mark the sender as spam. Some hackers can even confuse you by sending you a link which is extremely close to but is actually different (eg. with 3 o instead of 2) and a simple quick glance is not sufficient to differentiate between the real link and fake. So when to suspect a phishing attack? If you are suspeciously logged out of your facebook account, you should check links immediately and make sure you do not enter your password and login information until your are completely sure.

Secondly if you are not a tech person, you have no idea whats running on your pc, you can install an antivirus. An authentic antivirus can protect you from hacking by a long shot. e.g. the antivirus can immediately detect a running keylogger and can notify you immediately. A keylogger is a device which can log the keystrokes on your pc and send your facebook email and password and other sensitive information you type through keyboard to hacker. If any cookie retrival trojan is installed on your PC, the antivirus can detect it and keep you safe.

A basic rule of thumb in internet security is DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS THAT LOOK SUSPECIOUS AND DO NOT INSTALL PROGRAMS YOU DO NOT WANT. If you follow this simple rule, you do not even need an antivirus software.

To avoid getting hacked using simple brute force attack, always ensure that your password is complex. That is it is a long password with numbers and alphabets as well as both lower case and upper case characters.

Lastly, you need to keep a constant check as to where you log in your facebook account. Always remeber to log out of properly of a public computer. Try to avoid entering your username and password on public PC. Instead you can use on screen keyboard which is already installed on windows and mac. Also, if you are on a public WiFi, try to avoid entering sensitive information unless the connection is secured. Any hacker on the same wifi network can easily hack into your PC and retrive your passwords.

So, to summerize, the protection of your facebook account is a matter in your own hands. If you stay cautious and follow the simple security steps, you can stay happy and protected for life.