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Facebook Password Sniper - FPS

What is Facebook Password Sniper?

Facebook Password Sniper is a fake and potentially harmful online website which claims to hack any facebook account of your choice. If you have heard about it, most probably you have heard about it on Youtube Facebook Hacking Videos. The website claims to hack facebook accounts using rainbow tables method which although is a hacking method but it has got absolutely nothing to do with facebook hacking.

The website interface states you have to enter the account id of the victim just like our hacker. But instead of hacking the account, it traps the user to complete offers which require sensitive and personal data and sometime require you to pay some amount either directly or via subscription. Once the offer is completed, you are redirected to the homepage of the website and you will never receive the password.

If an offer is not available in your area, you will be simple redirected to complete a task. The task include posting comments on various youtube videos. This is what keeps the website going despite the fact that it does not hack facebook accounts. Once you post the comments on a lot of videos, you are redirected back to the home page without getting the password.

Our advice is to stay away from facebook password sniper and any other such website you randomly find on the internet. Most of these are fake and will result in hacking of your own account, getting scammed or simply wasting of your time.

So how can I hack a facebook Account?

Dont worry, if you want to hack a facebook account, we have got you covered. exonhack is a website which you can use to hack into any facebook account. We have got high reputation on the internet as hackers and you can confirm this on various hacking forums. We boast a success rate of whopping 70%. We require time from 3 hour to 3 days to hack a facebook account. And most important of all, we do it for free and do not charge you a cent. You can try our website to hack any facebook account.